Psychotherapeutische Gemeinschaftspraxis Loewengasse: Krisenintervention, Erwachsenentherapie, Kinder- und Jugendtherapie, Paartherapie, Coaching

Depression. Fear and panic attack. Burnout. Eating disorder. Identity crisis. Self-awareness. Somatoform disorder. Trauma. Loss. Abuse. Borderline. Difficulties in relationships…

Human life in the 21st century is almost unavoidably accompanied with the pressure and daily stressors that can possibly lead toward the various symptoms and syndromes. In such a dynamic, plans for the future can be intertwined with the fear for losing one’s own vitality, capacity and efficiency.

A need for psychotherapy can be personally experienced with the feelings of shame and guilt. These are the natural responses that may occur in consequence to the fear of failure in the circumstances of accelerated social development and ever more hastened daily rhythm.

The goal of psychotherapy is to offer to people something in return – precisely that, what a person in the state of (i.e.) acute psychic and/or physical burdens, significant life-changes or possible strong pressure to ’succeed’, perceives to have lost – one’s genuine wishes, potential, functionality, eagerness and motivation.

This is the paradigm that stands for the Practice Loewengasse. We welcome our clients with empathy, professionalism and the option/possibility of various treatment methods in a multi-lingual environment (or, in different languages).
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